A distributed social network.
Developed for the Raspberry Pi (Raspbian).
Communicates over Tor Hidden Service Protocol.

About Zwiebelnetz

Zwiebelnetz is a prototype of a distributed social network which seeks to protect user data, published under the BSD 2-Clause License.

The Zwiebelnetz currently provides basic features for social networking, such as contact requests, circle management, posts, comments and profile information.

The data published in the network is hosted in a distributed fashion. Each user has an embedded system connected to the internet which stores and serves the data she published.

Download Zwiebelnetz

You can download a prefabricated Zwiebelnetz Raspbian Image for free.

With the help of the wizard, you can create easily an account for the Zwiebelnetz on your machine and communicate with whoever whenever you want.

Contact Zwiebelring

Feel free to provide some feedback, give us suggestions for new features, or report bugs!